Sunday 26th May – stairway to the future





Monday 27th The Venetian delegation install their stand with the panels of photographs I took in March of the various craftsmen and women who contribute to the construction and use of gondolas





Tuesday 28th Gildas Flahault paints a Golfe de Morbihan landscape live during the crew party at the lle d’Arz. He worked for at least three hours non-stop, all from memory, despite a very similar scene being visible if he stepped back three or four metres from his “canvas”





Wednesday 29th a couple of youngsters finding support on one of the two panels either side of the main stage at Vannes featuring one of my aerial images from the 2013 Semaine du Golfe du Morbihan Monday parade






Thursday 30th ended,  bathed in marvellous evening light at Locmariaquer, sharing a picnic with friends of the 2nd fleet – sail and oars – on the pontoon next to their Ness Yawl





Friday 31st I was invited to sail/row to Auray with the Ness Yawl. Here are some of the other members of the fleet in the Auray River




Saturday 1st June. The Grand Parade. What can one say? All the superlatives apply, simply splendid, well organised, almost as many boats on the water as people on the shore-sides, with weather to dream of. I chose the bowsprit of Oosterschelde as my viewpoint




Sunday 2nd walking home in the early hours after celebrating the week that was finishing, a nostalgic record of the Venetian presence at the Semaine du Golfe 2019




More images to follow, but L’Armada de Rouen starts for me tomorrow…

An exhibition of photos from this year’s voyage of the Hermione which took her from La Rochelle, on the west coast of France, the 21st February, around Spain into the Mediterranean. She will return to her home port of Rochefort, some twenty miles south of La Rochelle on Sunday 16th June. The exhibition is currently in place in anticipation of the ships return. My photos are mainly from the the first leg to Tangier and present the viewer with an experience of sailing aboard an eighteenth century frigate in violent Atlantic wintertime conditions.


Escale à Sète 2018

27 mars 2018

L’Hermione a ouvert la fête Escale à Sète ce matin en tête de la parade inaugurale

Pour voir quelques images de son voyage depuis La Rochelle cliquer ici


L’Hermione led the parade to open the festival Escale à Sète this morning.

To see some images from her voyage from La Rochelle click here



With festival director Wolgang Idiri

Avec le directeur de la fête, Wolfgang Idiri

Voiles au Vent

4 mars 2016


flag_fsA partir d’aujourd’hui vous pouvez visiter ma dernière exposition, Voiles au Vent, dans le restaurant Les Longitudes de la Corderie Royale de Rochefort, France. Cette collection de mes images, tirée de plusieurs de mes reportages, s’inscrit dans la thématique de l’exposition temporaire actuelle de la Corderie : Face au Vent.

flag_uksYou can visit my latest exhibition, Voiles au Vent (Sails in the Wind), at the restaurant Les Longitudes at the Corderie Royale in Rochefort, France. The images in this collection are extracts from many different reports along the theme of the Corderie’s current temporary exhibition Face au Vent (Before the Wind), which is displayed till the end of the year.

L’accrochage ce matin :

L1000924_N_PERT L1000926_N_PERT L1000935_N_PERT


10 mars 2013



flag_uks The frigate of Lafayette, the Hermione, that is under construction in Rochefort, France, is now a three master since yesterday afternoon. This brings it a major step towards it re-enactment voyage to the USA.

flag_fs  L’Hermione, la frégate de Lafayette, en construction dans la ville de Rochefort, France, a fait un grand pas hier vers son voyage aux Etats Uni avec la pose de son grand mât et son mât d’artimon. Il est désormais un fier trois mâts !